I started my first blog in about 2005, I think. That is now lost. Back in 2014 I started a new one which did not really stay active long because of all the tweeting; I’ve just merged that into here and redirected my main url, http://merecomplexities.com.

I should really sort things out and

  • get some sort of https redirection going on from merecomplexities.com
  • make this soemething like weblog.merecomp.com and (https) redirect from furloughlog.merecomplexities.com
  • make it beautiful

So, the last one isn’t going to happen. I don’t want to pay $300 a year for DNSimple https redirection and I don’t trust the free ones. I guess I may end up with a Digital Ocean droplet that just redirects.

(I do need to get my Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate game sorted out first, though.)