It’s a good few months since my last update. I am no longer on furlough, a word previously only heard around Sergeant Bilko: I have left Deliveroo.

From the end of July until the US presidential election I have been writing Elixir with the amazing team at GetThru. They provide services like tele-canvassing to progressive groups (and charities), including the Democrats, in the USA. As you can imagine they have been pretty busy in the run up to the election; I have been working on ensuring their supply of phone numbers.

I have loved being on the side of good (as opposed to neutral) for a change.

Since then I have been doing a bit of freelancing, finished the free Pragmatic LiveView course, replaced the family shopping list with a Live View version, and set up a Pi 4 for video chat in the living room ahead of Digital Christmas. Now I am working on a project to make it easy to get a Raspberry Pi camera streaming over the Internet. Promise to write a bit more about both video projects later.

I am available for fun and interesting work, though. Let me know if you’ve a project you want paid help with.